Monday, 11 April 2011

Howells Family Trip to the Theatre

to see.....

We Will Rock You!

staring Rhydian from X-Factor and the scottish girl from Over The Rainbow.

Still not really sure what I though of it. The choreographed ga-ga pop dancing was pretty amazing, but the first half was pretty slow until the bohemians arrived in the form of Britney Spears (a very hot scottish guy) and Meat Loaf (OTR girl). Any scene with the bohemians had me dancing in my seat, singing along and cracking my sides laughing, in comparison to scenes with the Killer Queen who I found a bit dull, and not as scary as Rhydian who looked like a Nazi SS officer.

Perhaps I was prejudiced though, having seen the original cast perform at the Queen's Jubilee, where Killer Queen was played by Sharon D. Clarke, who is so astoundingly brilliant and gives me goose bumps that no one was ever going to really compare.

The little one off quips really carried the script, with references to all kinds of cultural icons, from The Wombles and Mr Blobby to Simon Cowell, The Beatles and Michael Jackson. I giggled a lot.

What I loved most of all however was the overall presentation - without the amazing costumes and an obviously fantastic stage crew managing the plethora of lights the show wouldn't be half as good, despite the bloody good sound track. Overall a fab day out.

A little nod also to the Welsh Millennium Centre, which remains one of my favourite theatres ever. 

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